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  • Closure: Velcro
  • Padding: 100% PU
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Disciplines: Boxe, kick boxing, muay thai
  • Hand palm material: PU
  • Hand back material:PU
To enrich the "Art and Gloves" limited edition, here is the GN099 SKA, characterized by impressive graphics dedicated to “NUESTRA SENORA DE LA SANTA MUERTE”, the Mexican deity worshiped as the goddess of death, which is rooted in Aztec myths of afterlife and rebirth. Legend has it that the goddess was able to give help and protection in exchange for sacrifices. The veneration of the veiled skeleton that fascinates and set a trend all over the world, is the original synthesis of the Aztec cult for the dead and the veneration of the saints of the Baroque colonial Spain where, instead of procuring fear and awe rather represents a valuable ally that in exchange for devotion gave salvation.This glove is made with an anti-shock padding that, combined with the PU coating of superior quality, is able to guarantee maximum protection and a high level of performance.


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