Shipping & Delivery

1 The term "shipment" refers to the moment in which Leone1947 entrusted the Product to the defined Carrier that takes the product in charge (the criteria may vary depending on the type of the product ordered and on the destination)

2 Shipment terms and Delivery terms are specifically mentioned in relation to the individual product in each relevant “Product information page”. Shipment terms shall take effect from the date of transmission of the order, unless otherwise specified These terms may vary in case where multiple products are ordered together (in order to made a single delivery to Customer) or in case of suspension in the execution of the Order due to the payment method chosen (ex. ongoing control by the central Fraud Risk prevention).

3 If multiple products are ordered at once with different availability status, Leone1947 will carry out only one shipment. The shipment will take place respecting the longest times (eg in case of 1 product ordered with the status "Shipping in 15 Days", together with a product with status “Instant”, both products will be shipped with the shipping time longer, ie 15 days).

4 In order to allow Customer to track the shipping status of the order, the mail "Order and Shipment Confirmation" contains the tracking number and direct link to the Courier Website in charge of delivery. Starting from the day after shipment, the Customer can track the shipment directly on the Website of the courier.

FREE SHIPPING On orders over $250AU /$300