Glory World Series

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The world’s most important and spectacular pro kickboxing circuit has chosen LEONE as its Official Technical Partner

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Glory World Series

For combat sports enthusiasts, the Glory World Series brand is synonymous with high quality organization and indisputable technical skill. Established in 2011 thanks to the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial ability of a group of managers from the world of sport, this circuit rapidly came to the attention of the world’s television audiences thanks to its spectacular events. In fact, it has succeeded in supplanting most of the previous organizations. The key to its success has been selecting and signing up the best fighters from the various ring disciplines and making them fight it out to establish who is really the number 1! By competing with each other under a set of simple rules easy to understand even for non-experts, stars such as Rico Verhoeven, Semmy Schilt, Giorgio Petrosyan, Anderson Silva and Mirko Crocop every time become the actors of real breath-taking battles in the ring for the enjoyment of all the enthusiastic fans . Every result is recorded and the various fighters are then ranked accordingly. The carefully programmed events are publicised by means of an efficient tried-and-tested organizational machine and take place in the world’s most important cities, such as New York, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Istanbul and Tokyo. The fights are broadcast by the top TV channels. The directors of Glory, who are always searching for the very highest quality, have chosen LEONE as their Official Technical Partner for all their events. This offers further proof of the indisputable validity and reliability of our products, which are becoming more and more popular with the most important organizations on a national and international level. A further confirmation for our brand, which has always guaranteed quality and fought side-by-side with champions.

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